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Thread: Behm Canal/ Misty fjiords

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    Default Behm Canal/ Misty fjiords

    Trying to assess the fishing potential on the easterly part of the Behm canal and the misty fjiords area. We want to fish as many rivers as possible in this area in august. We will have a large boat with two skiffs to traverse up and down the canal looking for bays, inlets that contain rivers that aren't all silted up from glacier runoff. Does this sound feasible? What about halibut and cod in this area? Thanks Andy

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    Default Behm Canal Salmon fishing

    That area has some special Salmon restrictions. Take a look in the reg book.

    Behm Canal and contiguous bays enclosed by a line from Point Eva to
    Cactus Point, a line from Point Lees to Elsie Point, and a line between markers
    placed at the longitude of the outlet of Long Lake (see map):
    This area is closed to salmon fishing. All salmon caught must be
    released immediately


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