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    I have a week off the first week in June. For the b-day, I talked the wife into going down to do some halibut fishing in Valdez (then maybe a black bear hunt somewhere too, but I won't push it yet). Do you guys or gals have any recommendations as a far as a good Captian or charter service goes? I would like to do a full day with my wife and maybe another couple. I appreciate any help.

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    Default halibut in Valdez

    Steve Thurneau , Harvest charters. my family and I have gone out with Steve on the Harvester for about 8 years now always a good time and lots of fish. He sponsors the Alaska fisheries forum, you can get his contact info there and see some pics. good luck.

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    Default steve

    Steve has a sweet boat. we went out with him a couple years ago and fished the edge of the gulf. We did pretty good.

    He had a bad day the day before - something about a drunk on whiskey smart arse....

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