I have been dreaming up a Yukon moose hunt for a while and I have a ton of questions. I have a 18' jet boat for 2 people, light gear and one moose. It has done it before on the Susitna, so I assume it can handle the Yukon as well. We have from Sept 10 to the 25th. I was thinking initially of running the Tanana down to the Yukon, but have decided to start at the bridge for safety concerns. A little more boat time is well worth mitigating the risk of dry water boating and not being able to get the boat out if it breaks.

I don't know if we should spend most of our time in 20F or head further down stream to 21B between Tanana and the Nowitna and maybe even the Nowitna drainage since we will have an agile boat. We are not looking for a trophy, so the registered hunt is fine in 21B.

How is the hunting below Tanana? Is the North side of the River a better bet compared to the South? It seems like the North is a bit more hilly and would have good cover for bulls. The South seems a bit more marshy and would be better for cows (and bulls looking for them).

It seems like a lot of people I have talked to float the river in hopes of spotting a bull. That is a great way to see a bunch of country, but you miss some prime spots too. We were kicking around the idea of setting up camp and then finding a good location or two and calling for week or so. Sounds boring, but it would be cheaper on gas and easier to take a shot than having to deal with the boat. We don't mind a mile or so hike, but that is about all we are willing to do with moose. Sheep/caribou/deer are another story.

Oh yea, we will try and take a black or brown bear if the opportunity is there. Maybe a caribou, but the archives and hunting statistics suggest that might not be a viable option.

Any other comments would be appreciated. I think I have searched all of the archives, but I still have not come up with my best course of action. It seems early to talk about specifics for moose hunting, but I wanted to beat the rest of the forum at asking the same questions. Hopefully asking more than a week before I head out will be helpful.