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Thread: looking for skidoo 2005 expedition front end parts

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    Default looking for skidoo 2005 expedition front end parts

    Front end got smashed up......Tub cowling, brackets, etc...engine runs fine, the rest is totaled....he's looking for whatever......Isnt against building a hybrid either.

    This is a good buddy of mine, feel free to email me or post and I'll pass it along to him...gonna head to his place and get him on the site so hopefully he'll chime in when he can.

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    Sport or TUV?

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    Honestly I dont know what one it is.... Just got off work, I'll call him this afternoon and find out. He's not against using or moding this sled and mentioned any 550 fan rev chassis should work.

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    GTX sport with the 550 fan

    I know he definatly needs a muffler...and the flying nun (not sure what that part's real name is LOL). A host of brackets etc.


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