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Thread: Logging and electrical utility work

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    Default Logging and electrical utility work

    Where do you look for jobs and how. I've tried the Alaska job site and you need to be a resident to get any information. I understand that the employment market is down right now, that is why we are wanting to check things out in the next year and then hopefully the jobs will start coming back in the next two years or so. I can do just about anything and few things well. Hard work is not a stranger to my family or myself. The three things I know well are farming/ranching we live that right now at home running beef right now and working the fields at harvest time generally corn and seed. I started logging at 16 and ran into full time timber cutting for some years and still do when I can, but with the timber market now that isn't much. I have been working on the line crews for the local utility since 96, operating booms/cranes, tuggers/pullers, hoes and cats all the equipment used in OH and underground distribution and transmission. Just no chance of lineman after being burned just before carding out. Is there still any logging/cutting left or has the timber market dried up in that area also. Or is there any electrical utility jobs to look into that don't require a journeymans ticket. Fishing is possible but not as wanted as the others during the summers during fire season I worked the boats of the coast here and during other slow times, salmon, crab, ground fish and limited halibut. I can do it but it would be a weapon of last resort, it just isn't my thing, but I will do anything to keep the family taken care of as comfortable as possible.

    We plan on checking things out on a few trips on winter and summer this next year so we can be as cut in as possible rather than just jumping to it. Talking to friends who have lived and still live there, we have decided on checking hard into either SC or SE. With all hopes of living in a cabin out of the way somewhere if possible or working into that as we go once we get there.

    If anyone has any ideas, places to look, or any other stuff that would be great. We will keep searching here and other sights and talking to people we know are in the know about the area.


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    A lot of the logging jobs in the interior will likely not even be advertised. Most of them seem to be filled via word of mouth (at least in this area). There is a far amount of small logging operations in the interior, but nothing on the scale of the ones in the Pacific NW.

    As for the lineman positions, I would contact the power companies directly. AP&T is the one in that handles the northeast area of the road system. I cannot speak for the others.

    Wildland firefighting is another way to make some money during the summers - actually a LOT of money if you do it professionally.


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