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Thread: Hornday 270 Grain SP-RP DG Ammo

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    Default Hornday 270 Grain SP-RP DG Ammo

    Has anyone had any in the field experience with this bullet. So far it is the most accurate out of my 375 ruger and at 2800 FPS makes a great flat shooting all around load.

    Just don't have much experience with hornady bullets and I am curious how this bullet would hold up on big moose, eland, bear size game? I would assume that they should hold up fine, otherwise Hornady wouldn't be marketing them in DG ammo line. Also read some articles on Craig Boddinton taking numerous game including buffalo with this load. Just curious if anyone else has an experience to share.
    375 Ruger Hawkeye...Mice to Moose, Impala to Buffalo....1 GUN.....WORLDS PURSUIT

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    Someone has had to use this ammo on big game!
    375 Ruger Hawkeye...Mice to Moose, Impala to Buffalo....1 GUN.....WORLDS PURSUIT

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    The 270 grain Hornady SP is an excellent bullet with a tremendous track record on big game, but the RP profile (recoil proof) is a new design from Hornady. In fact, I only saw my first examples of this new bullet when I visited Anchorage a couple of weeks ago. If there is a measurable difference in their performance I would suspect them to be a little slower in initial expansion, but not enough to recognize on big game.

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    Default Recently reading here re: 375R...

    Also interested in field experience with 375R. Plenty of reloading for this caliber with not much other input re: factory ammo incld 270 gr SP-RP:

    270 or 300gr for brown bear. :

    Howa may offer 375 Ruger:

    Limited ammo availability vs other calibers:

    270 gr bullets are Interlock:

    Mixed opinions/experiences on Interlocks:

    Thank you.


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