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Thread: Remote Fly in first week of September

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    Default Remote Fly in first week of September

    Looking for a remote fly in for the first week of September where we might catch Silvers and Rainbows. Got a buddy coming up and he wants to see no sign of man so I'm inquiring with anyone I can think of. I'm plenty familiar with the road system but not the fly in stuff. Float trips would work too but it doesn't have to be. Looking for maybe one hop from the road system. His requests are: remote, silvers, rainbows. So if anyone has a suggestion I would welcome it
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    If your willing to fly commercially to kodiak can't think of anywhere better for that combo than the uganik river.

    It's remote and if you go in late september you can have killer fishing for some of the largest silvers in the state most of which will still be blinding chrome, rainbows in the 16 to 24 inch range, huge char well into the double digits pound wise as well and steelhead. It's also a very wadeable fly fishing friendly river.


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