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    So I might put my boat in Seward in a slip this summer. My question is, with a glass boat, what do people do? Bottom paint it? Just weekly scrubbing with long handled brush and monthly powerwashing? Appreciate the input gang. Thanks!!


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    I spend two-three months a summer in SE Alaska, on the move most days. After several years of laborious scrubbing and scraping barnacles at the end of each cruise, I put bottom paint on. Took me 4 days of work to do a really good job, but saved a ton of time at the end of each cruise, and the boat ran a lot better too.

    I highly recommend Pettit Hydrocoat water-based ablative. Mine's got four summers on it, worked very well last summer, and looks like it's good for at least one more.

    I still do a weekly scrub along the sides and where I can reach on the stern to reduce the green stuff.

    Lately I've been considering doing the sterndrive with Trilux 3 - that's where the barnacles still attach and are a pain to remove.
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