To all that have supported Kenai Keepers; I thank you.

Today; Chris Owens has taken over the company and will be the point of contact for anything having to do with Kenai Keepers. They will be available as usual at the Sportsman Show at the the Three Rivers Fly and Tackle booth. I would like to thank Mike Hudson for believing in a gimpy guy with a stringer belt. If it were not for the nurturing and support of Three Rivers, Kenai Keepers would not be the growing success that it is today.

I am grateful for the friends I've made and the opportunities that have come with KK. You all can be rest assured that Mr. Owens will not only provide the same support and quality but also some newer looking product, blinging out the original design but not varying from it. Look forward to a "Copper Keeper" a modified version of the Kenai Keeper that will make easy loading for the likes of Mike Hem and crew.

I have to admit that I have a bit of an emotional attachment and letting Kenai Keepers go was not easy but it had to be done to let the company grow and flourish.

I will still be available for unsolicited advice on occasion so please don't forget about the original guys that invented it.

~here's to your success Mr. Owens.~ (

Robb Kuchenoff