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Thread: Speer 7mm 110 grain MHP ???

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    Default Speer 7mm 110 grain MHP ???

    I am not sure what I bought, need some advice... Saturday I grabbed a box of what I thought were plain jane 7mm Speer 110 grain hollow points. Going to use for varmint/pest use in 7mm-08. I get home and open the box and they are moly coated, moly dust all in the box and on my fingers after handling the bullet.

    I have never used any kind of moly bullet before, is there any pitfalls to these? It seems I recall hearing something about having to clean between moly and standard bullets and/or it is a pain to clean the moly out of a barrel?

    The box is labeled Speer 110 grain MHP.

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    No harm, no bunus, with moly in my experience. Haven't tried the Speers, but there's a lot of difference between brands in how well it adheres. Frankly, if you don't bell the case mouths slightly in a separate step before bullet seating, or at least put some extra chamfer into the case mouths, something like 99.9% of the moly gets scraped off with most of brands as the bullet is seated into the case. Never had moly hurt anything, but I sure won't pay extra for it.

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    BB, thanks, that is good to know. I thought I was buying TNT varmint bullets, and then after got home and opened and saw the moly noticed the box marked "MHP" and not TNT. It appears they are discontinued because I cant find them on line at Midway or Graf, so maybe that is why they were priced so cheap! I need to pay more attention, but glad that I can use as planned.


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