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Thread: Sheep Hunt in 26

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    Default Sheep Hunt in 26

    Am I reading the regs correctly in that you can't access the Canning or Marsh Fork to hunt sheep from anywhere but Kaktovik or the Artic Village? What in the world is that all about?

    Anybody have experience in 26B?


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    thats what it looks like. i know several guides who do REALLY well up the ivashak river area in 26B, popular area for sheep up in there. you see them regularly going thru atigun pass on north on the sides of the mtns. never seen any full curl but seen some 3/4 in mid winter there.
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    I read that as only applicable to those participating in the RS595 registration hunt.

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    Jimmy Urban -

    Now that I read it with that in mind, I think you're right...only applicable to the RS hunt.


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