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    I would like to buy a few wolf traps and snares. I've never trapped before but I often come across moose carcasses while out snowmachining and would like the opportunity to try for a wolf. I'm not really sure what size is needed for wolves but I'm sure you trappers will let me know. I'm in Fairbanks, thanks.

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    Since your in Fairbanks, go over to Fairbanks Fur Tannery and talk to Al Barette. He is on the BOG, so is at the meeting. He will have everything you need to set for wolves. Wolf traps go for $100 a piece. #9's or 114's. Al makes the #9's and are the best wolf trap for your money. Don't do the other knock off wolf traps.

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    Thanks Northway.

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    The #9 is the premier wolf trap. However, there are guys successfully using other brands. Minnesota Brand makes an MB-750 specifically for wolf that is less costly.
    The Snare Shop is the place to get snares. They make a couple wolf snares. The 10 foot, 1/8th 7x7 cable wolf snare is popular.
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    MT added good info. Shoot me a PM if needed. I agree with him on the snares. Snare shop has always done me right.

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    thanks fellas, J


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