Thgough this might be put in the handgun section. This is shooting rifle cartridges. The 300 WSM (brown stock) is the real deal with 19" barrel!

Action is a Savage Striker in all guns pictured. Both the 300 and 338 Win Mags are Savage rifle takeoff barrels that have been cut down and crowned.

STocks are repainted Striker stocks.
Brakes: 300 WSM is the baby muscle brake. the 338's are the Medium muscle brakes. The 338WSM has a different top port system. The Win Mag has the generation two porting system with NO top ports.

The Patriot 338 Win Mag load is ?? grains of Rel 17 shooting 200 grain-225 grain bullets. NOTE: Not all reloading practices and guns are equal and this load may not be safe in your firearm.

The 300 WSM shot 168 grain Barnes at nearly 3000fps and 3250+ with the Sierra 150 grain.