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    does anybody have information as to why there are no winchester primers available or any supplier can even say when or if they will get any? other primers are showing up but winchester are not.
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    I can't say why, as I've had several cases on order from VF in Anch since FEB or MAR of last year. I just got an E-mail from a distributor in the 48 who may be sending me some win large rifle in the next couple weeks. We'll see......
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    Yup, I have had a case on order from Grarf's since last June. They received some Federals so I had them send a case of those up.
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    Perhaps its a regional issue, because for a long time Winchesters were all you could find around here in West Virginia.

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    I go to Boondockers when I need to order Winchester primers. I do not know who the order through but they sure as heck ain't Remington. (thank goodness).
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    I live in North Carolina and winchester primers are all you can find at a lot of the local gunstores here. I finally got a case of federal large rifle the other day. I had been looking for them for about 4 months. The good news is that the winchester price has not gone out the roof yet. The winchester large rifle primers was $35 a case plus tax. Federal was $48 plus tax. As luck would have it all my loads have been worked up with federal primers.

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    Every major wholesaler and retailer that i can find is out. specifically WLP
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