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Thread: trapped 1st coyote

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    Default trapped 1st coyote

    now i need some help i am probly going to bring it to a local taxidermist but cant talk to them until monday im about to skin it and need to know what to do then should i wash it it does have some blood on it i dont have the correct streacher to dry it normally i plan on having it tanned with the feet on so it probley dosent need to be dried nfa style so should i just salt it and let it sit or freeze it till it goes to the taxidermist.
    thanks in advance scotty

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    Default nice job

    just case it out turn ears lips and nose ..probably will want to split the tail ad make sure to get all the toe bones out and flesh the pads....flesh it out and salt it if your going to get it need to clean it unless it is really could use some paper towel to wipe it up will clean up at the tannery tho
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