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    Default Night Running Coyote

    Went out last night and did a little calling. Shot this 34lb female Coyote at around 1AM with the 22mag on the run as it was chasing some other small unrecognizable critter on my stand. I was set up on a small hill looking over a cleared area with a row of willows basically straight out in front of me for 60 yards or so. I had the caller to my right about 20 yards pointing directly away. After 14 minutes I look to my right and see something that looks waaaayyyy out there. I pull up the scope and look at the tiny little animal for a bit after realizing that it really wasn't that far, probably 120 to 150 yards out, just that it was a small animal. The moonlight and size of the animal really messed with my depth perception. I think it must have been a tiny Lynx because it didn't have a tail and acted kind of like a cat. I watched it for 30 seconds or so, thinking it would curve around and get closer to the caller so I could get a real good look at it and possibly shoot it, but it kept going at about a 40 away from the caller from my right to left. As it keeps appearing/reappearing in the drifted snowy areas, I look out along the willows in the dark shadows and see a canine standing there looking right at the caller and towards my direction. Just as I raise up my scope, the Coyote takes off running towards the other small animal. I get the cross-hairs on it and give it about a 4-6" lead as it's slowing down speed and take the shot. It hits warp speed in the direction it came and I hear a crashing in the willows. I give it a few minutes and go over to where I shot at it, around 80 yards. No blood!!! All I see are drops of urine in the snow, which gives me a good feeling because almost every animal goes when it's hit. I use my headlamp and follow the tracks about 50 yards into the willows and find the Coyote balled up. I hit a bit low on the chest, but was lucky to connect anyways considering it was running and I don't typically take moving shots. Anyways, I hope everybody else is having moonlight success. Pretty cloudy tonight, but I'll be back at it. Made a total of 12 stands last night started at 6:30PM got home at 3AM....long night...temps dropped drastically as well. Not the greatest photo, my camera was frozen and I couldn't see anything in the view finder until it just flashed and took the photo.

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    Great job! I was hoping to get out tonight, but the skies are cloudy and family responsibilities are taking precendence. I really wanted to make a couple more stands before fox and lynx season close, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Congrats on the 'yote, snowcamoman. I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you this weekend.

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    Nice sized female. Long night too. Love it when the marathons outings pay off. Keeps you tuned in on later trips. Ever figure out what the other critter was.....check out the tracks? Good job again.

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    Default Night hunting

    That sounds like fun. I want some.
    Nice dogg
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    Default No go last night

    Didn't end up going out last night, simply too much cloud cover and visibility was very low. I'm going to try to hit a few spots this stands this afternoon though.

    I went back and tried to ID the small animal tracks after I shot the Coyote but couldn't get a solid print in the loose snow. It looked too big to be a tail-less Fox, and didn't look like a Marten either. I'm almost certain it was a small Lynx. I'm going to try and make it back to that spot next weekend during daylight hours and see if I can get whatever it was to re-appear.

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    we are just trying to find a good concentration of critters to chase. any ideas?

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    Default Coyotes

    Get out in the evenings and do some Coyote howls, non aggressive types. Then, just sit and listen. If you hear responses, you know that you're close to them. Determine where they're at and try to sneak in the next morning, they'll be fairly close to where you heard them. I typically find them in sporadic spots and can't say that they're really concentrated. If I had packs of them coming in within a few miles, I'd say they're concentrated, but I've never had this happen, although I wish it would.

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    -Congrats the yote;
    -thanks for posting the pic, and story....
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