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    Default New to the area

    I am new to anchorage and wondering if there was any fast dh or freeriding around

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    The fastest dh is probably the lift-accessed riding on Mt. Alyeska. After the ski season ends, they allow bikers to take their bikes up the mountain via the tram. I've never biked it, but it's got to be a pretty fast ride if you're up to it. Another screaming downhill run is the far end of Powerline Pass. Of course you've got to ride something like 8 miles to get to the downhill portion, but it's a good downhill run and pretty long.

    There's a lot of good cross-country riding in Anchorage and some new fairly technical single-track as well.

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    Alyeska is rocket fast. We rode quite a bit before Warren fired up the mountain bike crew. There are some FAAAST spots. Disk breaks and lots of travel are recommended.
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