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    Default little trailers

    I will be moving to internship next year, back to Dubuque the year after that, then somewhere else for my first call the following year. I am thinking about getting a small trailer for hauling stuff. I am thinking about the little ones witht he expanded metal deck that sell for $500-$700 or so new. I haven't really looked into them much, but am interested in any experiences people have had with similar trailers. Would it be worth it to get one of these, or just rent U-Hauls when I need to? Do they come in useful to have around, or end up taking up space and rusting out?
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    Default Trailers are great

    I finally bought a truck in November.

    I moved to Alaska in August with a 6x8 trailer that I bought for $150 and did new bearings and a deck. It didn't like the heaves, but it did okay. We also lost a bearing buddy in Tok and milked it to the valley. I only hauled enough stuff with the trailer to offset the cost of my ABF trailer (10 linear feet).

    I've used it to haul firewood, about a third of a cord maxes it out. Just two weeks ago I used it to pick up a new sliding glass door that I couldn't get in the back of the 3/4 ton truck. The crate said it weighed 490 lbs . Hopefully it'll be my raft trailer if I can find an affordable self bailer on craigslist when I get my tax return back .
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    I'd go with something a little heavier, just due to a lot of the roads in the interior and through Canada. Uhaul gets really expensive when you're only going one way. Round trip with one of their trailers isn't quite as bad, but I haven't been very impressed with the maintenance that is usually done on the trailers and trucks - lots of broken items, lights out, brakes not in proper working order, etc.

    I'd recommend buying your own, but I'd look for something with a little bit bigger wheels and tires and a real axle. Those frost heaves can really do some damage to those light C-channel axles if you've got anything of a load on it.


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