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Thread: help with my 45lc

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    Default help with my 45lc

    anyone shoot a taurus ti 45lc? I have one, a 5 shot with a 2" ported barrel and am having a tough time keeping full power loads from pulling the bullets. I have tried a heavy crimp but seems like round 5 is always too long. and hits the frame. I am not having issues of over expanding cases or sticky extraction, just can't keep heavy bullets seated right.

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    Wow, I shoot super hot 45 ALL THE TIME and never had the issue. How heavy are your 'heavy' crimps? Get ALL the crimp you can out of it. I crimp as far as my RCBS 45 Colt dies allow me to without removing my seater, never had an issue with hornady XTP's or any of the hardcast leads.

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    Two other possibilities:

    The expander ball in your second die may be a little oversize relative to bullet diameter, resulting in limited or no grip on the bullet below the roll crimp.

    You might also want to consider doing a taper crimp ala the 45 ACP before applying a roll crimp to the case mouth.

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    I have backed the expander up so it just starts the bullet, they almost wrinkle the case going in. as for the taper crimp...have not tried that one yet.

    skligmund- does your 45 weigh more then 12oz.? mine weighs just about as much as 10 rounds of ammo for it.

    fun to carry.....need to pay attention when shooting it!

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    Just to make sure we're on the same page, I'm not talking about the little lip on the expander ball that bells the case mouth to accept the bullet. I'm talking about the diameter of the long shank below the belling lip. Moving the expander back to cut down on case mouth belling won't affect a loose grip on the bullet by the case body if that's too big for your bullets.

    RCBS used to offer replacement case expanders in a range of diameters for some calibers, but I'm not sure that's the case any more. If they do, mike yours and compare it to what's offered. If you can easily get a replacement for your existing one, but alternative diameters aren't available, consider reducing the diameter of yours slightly as an experiment. I've done this by chucking the shaft in a drill, then spinning it while gently applying fine emery cloth. It really helped with heavy bullets in 44 mag, 45-70 and 454 Casull while helping me cut back on roll crimps and extending case life. It was especially helpful with a lightweight 375 H&H that insisted on pounding bullets in the bottom of the magazine down into the case on firing.

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    sorry I was thinking that the case mouth belling was what you were speaking of. the straight wall case just sizes it down it does not have the expander like a bottle neck case die.

    anyone have this problem with a 329 pd?

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    Try a Lee factory crimp die. I use one for my .454 It really puts on a crimp.

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    "Many times this question comes to us, and the only answer that consistently cures the problem is this. Get and USE a REDDING PROFILE CRIMP DIE! I don't know why it is, but this little jewel will cure the problem where other crimping dies fail. With heavy loads using heavy bullets, this die is the only one that consistently cures the problem."

    This is a quote from Marshall Stanton, owner/operator of Beartooth Bullet Company. I bought this die for loading .454 Casull and it works great. I still use the Lee FCD or my .45LC loads but I load fairly mild powder charges for it.
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    I'm no reloading whiz. But some others here might concur that you can send a fired case in along with your die and have them check it. They might fix it for free if its the die. I had that problem long ago with a 454 casull.

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    Are you trying to seat and crimp at the same time?

    I have never been able to do that. I always seat and crimp in seperate steps.

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    I have been seating and crimping in one operation as the bullets I am using have a big cannurle so it is pretty forgiving. I can shoot the same load in my other 45lc with no problem, but the 450ti only weighs 19oz. so recoil is litterally pulling the bullets.

    I backed down on my powder a bit and it is holding but I hope to get a crimp that will allow me full tilt loads again.

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    Default Crimping woes...


    Seating and crimping in one operation is not the best way to go. A better crimp can be made by setting the seating die to just seat to the correct depth. Then after seating all rounds, readjust the seater to just crimp and get a good roll crimp on it.

    The best way is to use a $20 Redding profile crimp die as a fourth operation. You will find it to be well worth the effort and expense. Some also have good results with the Lee factory crimp die.

    With the light weight guns and heavy bullets, it takes a really good crimp to hold them. Sometimes we just reach the limit of recoil level that a revolver can take and not loose the bullets. Also, as was mentioned before the diameter of the expander plug may need to be made smaller. I can usually help this situation by just swithcing to Starline brass and use the standard expander. That would be a good move anyway. Heavy loads need good brass and without doubt the Starline brass is the best available for the 45 Colt. Starline is thicker and just fits the bullet tighter in the case.

    Another advantge for you would be to use only cast bullets which have deeper crimping grooves and hold better. This would also give better terminal performance for that caliber. Unless, of course, you're using this for social occasions, which would warrant the JSP's/JHP's.

    Any and all revolvers will do this if conditions are right, or wrong, I guess would be more correct, the lighter the gun and the heavier the bullet, the worse the situation is. I agree with the Profile Crimp comment as the best fix.
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    thanx murph, I completely forgot about the cast bullets having a deeper crimp groove. I will give the crimp die a shot too, this little gun has a special spot with me as it is so light I carry it whenever I am in the woods. I have been thinking of a 329 pd too but the size and weight make me want to get it stoked up propper......thanks again

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    Default Bullet Pull

    One final thought, along with the excellent feedback you've already received:

    Use only factory new, unfired brass.Resize it prior to loading and take the expander ball out entirely.Bell the mouth only enough to get the bullet started in the seating process without collapsing the case.

    This should produce a finished round (after crimping) that shows a slight waist where the bullet has gripped the case walls so snugly it actually expands them outwards.

    Keep in mind that seating a bullet deeper can and will raise the pressure of that load.If your current loads are pushing the upper limits of sanity for an LC, then you could get into trouble by seating a bullet more deeply.

    Many handgun loads(especially handloads) are shot eveyday way above the SAAMI PSI recommendations.Even loads that "fall out" of the cylinder can be off the chart.I've done it and still have all body parts intact.

    But I do it a lot less today! Law of averages and all that.

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    update, well I tried running the finished rounds through the sizer w/o the primer extractor, then one last trip through the crimper......seems to be doing well. just loaded up some 360 gr wlnfp w/gc's over 20 gr's of 296....just not a heavy enough gun for that bullet, gonna have to back it off a bit to keep the bullets in her. I would say it is a handfull to shoot but a pleasure to carry.

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    Default Highcountry

    Is it still pulling bullets?

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    the 360's are a bit, but a 20oz. gun zinging a 360 at 1000fps +/- is a recoil monster......but I am gaining on it!

    I think if I get down in the 850fps range I will be out of the woods

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    Default Highcountry

    Have you tried a taper crimp on this problem?

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    I have tried every crimp known to man! I think it is just too much for the crimp to hold back.....oh well it is fun trying!

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    Default OK

    See if someone will loan you a taper crimp die. A taper crimp isn't the same as the standard crimp applied by your regular loading dies. If youv'e already done this more experimentation my be required. You might also try sealing your ammo with a sealer or clear finger nail polish.

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