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    My friend talked me into being the snowmachine rider for him in Arctic Man this year. I've never even been to the event! I think I have a decent idea about the event but we have a few questions. Just fyi, it's not like he's new to skiing nor am I a rookie snowmachiner, anyway.


    1) what do you use to improve your snow flap for deflecting more snow?

    2) Do you prefer rope, rope with bungee, or ridgid pole for the skiier, why and why not? Details on your set-up? Pics? Materials used?

    3) I have a 2007 Summit 600. I know it's not what most racers prefer but it's all we have. I also know it has to be completely stock. All I can think of is to adjust the clutching so max rpm is at the peak horsepower (8,200 I think) once I arrive at the event. Thinking maybe I should tighten up my limiter strap to put more pressure on the skiis for better cornering. Any other thoughts?

    4) Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Yeah I know, go fast or go home!!

    Feel free to send a PM if you would rather,

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    I don't have any advice, but wish you luck. This will be my first time checking it out.

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    Too much ski pressure will make your sled harder to turn, I had that problem on my first ride this year so I loosened up my limiter and it solved that problem. Do you still have the sway bar on your sled? Original gearing?

    I have the same sled as you except mine is an 08, its a very capable sled for Arctic Man. Good luck.

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    my buddy is a puller, I'll pass these questions on to him and see what he says. Though he's pulling again this year so he might be hesitant to divulge TOOOO much lol. He didnt pull last year.

    I think most have some sort of rope and shock absorber system though I havent seen their setup yet.

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    Don't look back and don't hit the brakes! Have fun!!!
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