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Thread: off grid typle wood gasifier unit for powering the homestead

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    Default off grid typle wood gasifier unit for powering the homestead

    has anyone ever heard of the system called the off grid woody gasifier set up .. it use wood and other burnable type of fuels to make power for your homestead by useing a small water cooled 6 cylinder gas power engine to power the homestead cabin items as it need along with rechargeing the battie system as need ..

    the model i was looking is called the off gridder model i was thinking more of the lines putting into a wood shed set up like the one on there website with a green house front to help keep the wood dry and also let the engine and the wood system keep out of bad weather..

    the website is

    any ideas on the system for powering the off grid cabin ..

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    My take on wood gassifiers is that they are really only for emergency situations. You spend enough time cutting down and splitting wood for your wood stove. Unless you have lots of scrap wood or sawdust laying around, you are going to spend too much time splitting and drying wood to feed the wood gasifier to make it worth while. Also the wood has to be very dry to work correctly. Otherwise it will put too much water vaper in the engine you are trying to run.

    If you run a mill or something that generates a lot of wood waste, then it might be worth it. Otherwise, if you are interested in it, wood gassifiers are not difficult to make yourself. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a commercially built one. They would come in handy if there is a fuel shortage though.

    Here's a FEMA pamphlet on how to make a wood gassifier

    and an old thread
    That's what she said...


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