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    Hi folks. Just a quick question about M/L hunting in Ak. What is the minimum bore size required for moose,caribou, etc? Are there any restrictions on caliber, bullet weight or type? Thanks
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    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm currently on the road and away from my usual resources. But if I recall correctly, you're restricted to 50 cal or larger during the special primitive weapon seasons, but during the regular season there's no restriction. I'm sure it's spelled out in the regs, if you want to go diving in there.

    Corrections anyone?

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    This what the regs say. Hunting big game with a muzzelloader.Unless it's shoulder mounted long gun and is at least .45 or larger with a barrel that is either rifled or smotth bore and discharges a single projectile.
    So the way i understand for it is .45 or larger any time to take big game. Weather is a special season or not.


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