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    I have a 16.5' Pelican Scanoe I'm thinking of making a seat modification on. I've searched all over for a comfortable looking seat to put on it but came up short. There's a boat seat on cabelas that I was thinking about putting on there, although I dont want to raise the center of gravity much higher. Its a real nice camo flip down seat, and doesn't look like it would be too high mounted directly to the current seats. I was thinking of actually cutting into the plastic seats on the scanoe about 2" and filling the void with the seat from cabelas. Anyone else got any tips or suggestions???
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    Default research a little more before doing this maybe?

    Quote Originally Posted by justin262 View Post
    I have a 16.5' Pelican Scanoe I'm thinking of making a seat modification on.
    There is a member here that mounted a seat kinda like that (but theirs was a Fish On brand) on their Scott Freighter (bigger & more stable than your scanoe) and was saying it didn't work out...

    Searching.... Yes, here is that post:

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    I put a Fish on Seat on the Rear seat of my Scott HB and like it very much. I did not like the Fish on seat on the optional seat up front as loads were always changing. My
    16' Old Town Square back had very nice cane back seats. And had Fish on Seats on my Grumman Sport boat. Like the removable brackets on the Fish on seats alows for easy removal and then just sit on a boat cushion. On small canoes that are tippy watch your seat height! Bottom side down is a good thing!


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