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Thread: Destination Advice for a Rookie

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    Default Destination Advice for a Rookie

    Trying to plan a July trip with my brother that we can afford. We've never been to Alaska but do backpacking/flyfishing trips every year. Past adventures inc YNP,Bob Marshall,Franck Church,etc. We will fly into Anchorage and need a DIY trip to keep costs down. We possibly could afford a short bush plane flight. We like to stream fish rather than lake fish. We could stay in remote cabins in lieu of tents if it's neccessary. Being the novice to Alaska that I am, I was wondering about the area north of Anchorage but am open to any suggestions. We also love scenery and wildlife. Any suggestions?

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    Default A picture to get you by..

    Here's a pic from a couple of guides we had check the area out around the lodge. This is near the confluence of Alpine Creek and Rock Creek. They really did well on the Arctic Grayling. There is also lake trout in the area.

    Have fun with your planning!

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    Any interest in a remote float trip? If so, shoot me a PM.

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    Default Couple of options

    First if you wish to chase Grayling and Lakers get with Denalihunter doing the Lodge thing on the D Hwgy is worth the adventure and would keep your cost down might cost you a rental car and a couple of days at the lodge but there is ample back packing and fishing to be had in that region to include some Rainbow fishing on the Parks with some effort but doable and affordable. IMO the Rainbow chasing in August is fun expect some people to be around rainbow fishing but you will have the Grayling fishing to your-self up there.

    Coming out of Anch North you can do walk in fishing check out Gunnar's book available on the web site as well as Benards book on affordable fishing again available on this site.

    If I was looking for an affordable DIY trip non-Cabin and if you have any rafting in your sole two people can getter done with raft rental and flyout and return on a remote float just North of Anch for about 1K each 4-5 day adventure. Look towards Mid June-mid July PM me if you wish to know more to inlcude recommended Air Taxies, rental places in the area etc.....

    You also have the option of flying into Upper Russian Lake and packing out back to the Kenai which is work and bear infested but well worth the trip.

    And of course the Gulkana which is a cost effective trip and although becoming more popular over the years is still not bad after July for traffic and the fishing can be outstanding. There are remote areas on sections of the river you could get into with wheelers and do some quite fishing once your there or float it from Paxson Lake back to Sourduogh Landing always a nice trip again very affordable just a boat rental 4-6 days and a rental car.

    If you feel like seeing something special without a ton of people you should check out Cordova or Kodiak as well IMO.

    Best Wishes

    Richard Mousseau


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