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    Default Large Fanny Packs

    For those who use large fanny packs, i.e. Cabela's Guide Model fanny or Badlands Monster fanny. How do you use them (in what capacity)? How do you pack them? With what? Etc....Thanks for your opinions/input.

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    Default Badlands Monster Fanny

    When I deer, elk or bear hunt in the lower 48, during day trips, I use the Badlands Monster Fanny in conjunction with a Camelback 1000 cu in packback. The Camelback is a narrow unit that attaches right to the Monster Fanny to support it's sagging weight. I need water to survive during the day humping up and down hills. I am amazed at guys that can seemingly go for long periods without water....I can not. I carry a 100 oz water bladder each day.

    I find that the weight that a Monster fanny can carry pulls me down without the attached Camelback pack. It's a good system I use now. I've sewn pouches and pockets into the belt system of the Monster Fanny for stuff I need at my fingertips.

    Generally my field gear includes the following:

    1 sheath knife
    1 Havalon Piranta knife w/ a few extra blades
    1 Gransfors Brux hunter's Axe
    A few single edged razor blades
    2 Game bags
    Blast match, matches in water proof container & vaseline soaked cotton
    Cammenga Compass & Garmin 400T GPS
    Small digital camera
    Gerber Multi tool
    30 ft 3/8 rope, 2 stout carabiners and 2 mountaineering pulleys
    50 ft para cord
    1 Titanium cup with lid, nesting stove and nesbit fuel tabs
    Powdered Hot chocolate, Tea, and dehydrated soups; Trail Mix
    Elk and/or deer calls
    Suryeor's Tape
    Surefire Saint LED Headlamp (Fantastic light, check it out!)
    Extra Batteries
    Hunting licenses, small waterproof writing pad and a Sharpie pen
    If it's really cold weather I'll pack a can of Chunky soup

    This is the main stuff I hunt with. With a full water bladder I'm in the neighborhood of 22 lbs. There's always still room in my Monster Fanny/Camel back to put more stuff in, like extra cold weather clothes, gloves hats etc. This is the basics though.

    Badlands is a pretty good company that stands behind their product.

    Admittedly I'm trying to convert to a Barney's empty pack frame with a small cargo bag sewn under the shelf. I like the idea of going in with an empty pack frame and coming out with a full load. Saves that trip back to the camp or truck to get the frame.

    You gotta be careful in not taking too much stuff on day trips, as the weight can be deceiving. What seems like not too much weight in the morning will be a real drain by the afternoon.

    Overnight trips require just a bit more room, like the Badlands 2200 which is an internal frame and carries the weight much better.
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    Default Thanks

    I'd like to see a pic of your set-up, if you have one. I appreciate your reply, thanks.


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