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Thread: Where can I find this trailer pin?

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    Default Where can I find this trailer pin?

    I have a Karavan 2 snowmobile trailer that tilts back when this pin is removed. Well, technically my friend owns it, I'm just the moron that lost the part. What I need is the pin that locks the bed down. It's about 1/2" in diameter, and 6" long with a pin connected via a small chain. Does anyone know where I might find this in the valley? I don't want to venture to anchorage if I can avoid it.

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    you could try six robblies. They would most likely have it. but as far as being out in the valley try a auotmotive shop or even a snowmachine shop most pins that are for the trailor are also for the hitch on youre truck!

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    Home Depot or Lowes

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    Try AIH as well.

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    Oh, ok. I didn't realize these pins were generic or common. Thanks!

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    Hey Tom I had to get a replacement also Sixroblees has em.


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