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    Default snug harbor

    just wondering if anyone's been down Snug Harbor Rd lately and what the conditions are like... is it trailerable right now?

    I need to get out and ride... jonesin.

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    Default slick

    I was down there on the 15th and snug harbor road was a sheet of ice. I made it to the parking lot and back out ok but there was a lot of pucker factor going on. I wouldn't have been able to make it without studs on the truck.
    The riding was fun, lots of fresh powder but it starting snowing too hard so we couldn't get too far back.
    Hope this helps.


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    Default Snug Harbor

    Went into sunghabor on friday 02/26. dusting of snow over ice. Rainbow lake was bad with broken up ice that was refrozen. Trail was icey. Spun out on v max hill. I have seen softer concete. The snow has 4" to 6" of very hard snow then soft snow under it. If it goes watch out it will be taking down the whole mt. Won't go back until a lt of new snow. good luck riding
    Anchorage Ak


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