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    For any of you who are looking to get out and do some riding and want to stay out some place but don't have a cabin, the folks are Fish Creek Lodge close to Skwentna are top notch! Spent a few days there and had a blast. They can cater to about any size party you want to bring up and wont let you walk away hungry (or thirsty).

    You can find them at

    The snow up past skwentna was deep deep in the swamps so there is still some good riding to be had from the lodge.

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    I have a cabin near fish creek lodge and spend allot of time there.
    Dan and Julie are great People. Iditerod is coming up and they can accommodate up to 20 people They have about 10 guest cabins and have the best price's on the river.. Also if anyone needs any mechanical work done Dan is great he is also a A&P Airplane mechanic and can fix anything
    Snow machines, Generators, Boat motors, He's a great carpenter to, so if anyone along the river needs any kind of work done give him a call


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