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Thread: Are all 45 Colt Loads Safe in a 454 with 454 brass??

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    Default Are all 45 Colt Loads Safe in a 454 with 454 brass??

    Been reading that you need to fill the entire case with powder (H110 and others) or you could have issues. So I was wondering if it was ok to use lighter 45 Colt loads from a manual in my 454 Casull with 454 brass? With the 454 brass being longer than 45 Colt, the 45 Colt charge would fill less of the case on the 454. Any issues? Not that it matters, but the gun is a Ruger SRH.


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    Well there is quite a difference in case volume. If the powder charge falls below the starting loads in 454 brass, then don't do it. It will make for an erratic load with grossly varying velocity and poor ignition. If you have other powders I can give you loads with those. H110 is limited because it is just for near max loads or loads that nearly fill the case. What is your bullet of choice here and what are you wanting to make? I can send you some 45 Colt brass, it does work well in the 454 cylinder.
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    As Murphy said it can be trouble and donít light load H110/W296, however if you approach it differently you can safely meet the same goal. If you take the 45 Colt velocity numbers you are looking for then go shopping for 454 data that matches those numbers and your there.

    If you are looking for very light loads Bullseye and Unique loads can be reduced to about any level that will consistently push the bullet out the barrel. Squibs and loading more than one powder charge in the case are about the only real risk with light loads of Unique or Bullseye.
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    I have brass for both the 45 Colt and 454, thanks for the offer though Murphy.

    Ideally I'd like two loads one 45 Colt load for the range and plinking; and a 454 load for deer hunting. Ideally I would be able to use the same bullet for both applications and maybe even the same powder. For the target 45 colt load, I would want it to be somewhat hotter than typical 45 colt loads but not too hot, as the range I go to doesn't appreciate magnum or +p loads and I don't want to cause any problems. For the 454 load (which I am not allowed to shoot at my range) I'd like a medium power 454 load, thinking a 240 grain bullet at about 1300 fps should take care of any deer within 75 yards. Initially I was leaning towards the Hornady 240 Grn XTP Mag. The only reason I picked the XTP was because it is cheap and gets good reviews. I am open to other suggestions. I've never loaded for any handgun calibers, just rifle so far. Do you recommend specific primers for the 454 and 45 Colt? Any suggestions for dies, I think you said Redding in past. What crimp die would you recommend?

    Thanks again for all of the information you have provided.


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    The medium 454 load you're looking for is actually lighter than the starting load for the 45 Colt in modern weapons:

    From the Hodgdon site:

    250gr XTP/25.7gr of H110 = 1398fps @ 27,000cup
    250gr XTP/26.5gr of H110 = 1455fps @ 29,800cup

    The .454 for comparison sake:

    260gr FA SP/34.0gr of H110 = 1817fps @ 37,100cup
    260gr FA SP/36.0gr of H110 = 1954fps @ 51,600cup
    (no 250gr XTP load given)

    If you're happy with a middle-weight bullet (240-260gr) and 1300fps velocities, I'd suggest you just load 45 Colt and save yourself the expense of the Casull brass and the extra powder.

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    2400 should be a good powder for what you want. Heavy 45Colt loads and medium 454 loads. It's not nearly as touchy about less than full case loads. It also lights easily and what ever primer fits the case should work ok. It will not give the top velocity that H110/296 will but it sounds like that's not what you are after anyways. Use a manual for loads. There should be plenty of data for 2400.

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    Plinkin rounds that will kill deer as well I'm sure.
    255gr rnfp or keith style cast boolit
    454 - 11gr Unique
    45 Colt - 8-9gr Unique

    I use non-magnum primers with Unique in both loads. Accurate, fun and easy to shoot. Lots of guys like Clays as well.

    For full house loads I use H110 and Hodgdons Ruger Only load data for 45 Colt and 454. Don't go below minimum loads! Use magnum primers and a nice tight crimp so you get full ignition.

    Others don't like H110 and will use N110, 2400 or Lil'Gun. I have a bunch of H110 so I'll shoot it up for now.


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