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Thread: Winter Kings in Seward?

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    Default Winter Kings in Seward?

    Any there any Kings in the Seward area waters to speak of? Weather and conditions permitting, distance is not a problem. Or is Homer pretty much it? How about PWS, as a side note? I want to spend four or five days, at least, towards the end of next month trolling, and getting used to my new machine. Winter Kings are the primary target, but any good fishing would be great. I have to end up in Seward after that, and would fish there if there was any potential. Thanks.

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    You can fish the narrows in seward, Bainbridge passage in the sound and of course K-Bay in various areas. Good luck.

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    There are folks that do very well fishing for winter kings out of Seward. I have caught them trolling around major capes, points, and other underwater structure in just about every month of the year down there. The action is always slow and nothing like when the silvers are in, but it is still fishing and you will luck your way into a couple here or there. There is a winter king charter (cracker jack?) that targets them and I have always wanted to hitch a ride on one of those boats just to see where the "good" spot is. Yet while I suspect they do better than I do, I bet there really isn't a "good" spot at all, but more like a collection of spots that might have a fish or two....


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