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Thread: Women and Hunting

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    I was recently introduced via email to Ellen, a woman who moved to SE Alaska. She used to be a vegetarian but now eats fish and venison, and she's doing a fantastic documentary about "Coming to Terms with What We Eat and How We Come by It."

    Here is her website link:

    If you have the connection to download and view the larger clip, it's well worth it. It begins with her talking about being a vegetarian, then moving to Alaska, meeting a man who fished, hunted...and then becoming immersed in the way of life so many of us Alaskans practice. She goes on to interview women who hunt, and some who are thinking about it, and discussions revolve around wanting to participate in the things that sustain us. There is also an interview with the NRA Alaska rep. who says that while hunting numbers are generally down, women are the fastest growing segment of new hunters.

    Great bit of talk from women about their fathers that hunted, but did not invite them out as kids into the field, and how they missed out on that. I think that really hammered home the importance of including our kids (even girls) in hunting and fishing. All in all, I really think this is going to be an important work when done and will have a broad audience base, many of whom will not be hunters but who will hopefully come to appreciate and respect why so many of us hunt and fish for food, and why we feel that is also healthier for us.

    The larger 58mb trailer video is here:


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    Here is a web site just for women hunters.


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