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    Anybody tying up those 6" long MOAL Thunderhead type leeches? I picked up a few at Mtn. View last year and was interested in what glue guys are using to keep that zonker strip from unwinding? I saw a website that mentioned super glue. Thanks for any tips or pointers on that one.

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    Super glue does work well, but use it very lightly. It will soak into the leather, then wick in both directions away from the application point. Once the leather dries, it will be very hard and brittle. Not good if it wicks into the tail section. The thick gel versions may help in avoiding this problem. (I haven't tried yet.)

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    Default work in sections

    I've tied some art. leeches before and found that its more secure if you section the tail piece first(cut and tied in), then wrap your bunny strip forward for the main body. I used to wrap all with one long piece and found when a fish hits the tail it pulls the wraps off the front shank (if the front hook has been clipped). sometimes I'll even lay a bed of head cement down along the shank for some extra bonding, though careful not to get your bunny hairs in it... wet your fingers and stroke the hairs to keep them relatively tucked away. as far as super glue goes, you can certainly use it modestly in some applications... gorilla glue works good. lately I've been using this UV knot sense product from loon that sets up under uv exposure, though it wouldnt work if used in a hidden application, like along the shank... however, it is excellent for encasing thread wraps and securing bullet heads. good luck!

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    I'll try some superglue and hit it with a spray of quik-set so the glue doesn't wick much. I appreciate the help, thanks.

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    TearMender is the MOAL glue of choice.

    String flies constructed with superglue do not have the motion designed to be inherent in the fly, nor is there a waterproof, flexible cyanoacrylate that can be substituted.

    TearMender is what many of the tied-on-a-string pattern designers call for in the baseline tying standards.

    Get it at Juneau Fly Fishing Goods 907-586-3754

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    Default Great

    Thanks for that extra tidbit, I was wondering how stiff Super Glue would be. I have a bottle of TearMender at home...good stuff and much easier to work with than Super Glue. I'll give that a shot before I mess with the Super Glue, I appreciate the help, thanks.

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    Great video, thanks for posting that, that helps a ton.

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    Awesome demo and sweet fly. I would like to add that I used barge cement and it dominates superglue. The barge cement allows the bunny to stay supple and move well.


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