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Thread: Happy New Year!!!

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    Default Happy New Year!!!

    What a wild night! Went to bed at 9:30 and continued reading the book my beautiful wife gave me for Christmas. "Wild Men in Wild Alaska". It is an entertaining read about some trials and tribulations of one of Alaska's guides. My grandaughter spent the night and she is a early riser. Cooked up some caribou sausage and eggs and let her have some coffee with a bunch of cream and sugar in it. Then we watched the Outdoor Channel and some guys in Maine shot a couple of big moose.
    I don't think I have missed a hunting season in the last 20 years. Inspite of the wife's broken ribs, my brother's broken wrist and a buddie's blown out knee they were fun trips. Got to be there and help my 2 daughters get their first moose, caribou and black bear. Gained a new hunting partner in my son-in-law. Now he wants to drag my 56 year old body to the mountains to chase sheep. For the first time in my life I am living in fear of drawing a permit. I live in the best country on earth and in the best state in that country. I am blessed and I want to say Thank You Lord!!! I also want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. Let us all hunt fair chase, get close and make the first shot count. Good hunting to all of you!!!

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    Happy new year to you 2,best of luck in all your hunting adventures in 2007!

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    Default Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone! Be safe, be happy, and may all your hunts be successful this new year!


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