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Thread: Need to settle down, get cabin, so I"m needing ideas..

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    Default Need to settle down, get cabin, so I"m needing ideas..

    Ok, I'm 44 and have been Ak for 5 years and love it. I teach, my health does great in teh dry, cold weather...But, I want off the road system

    So, I'm ignorant on the laws about purchasing land through the state adn also, I've heard that you can make a gold claim and put a movable cabin on it?

    If you have any leads on where to look at teh AK state website for land for sale, please let me know.

    Also, I'm looking at the area near McGrath to teach in, so, is it as easy as staking a claim to where I can put a movable cabin on it? For how long? Is this a decent plan?

    I"m 44, so, this would be great for at least teh next 20 years...after that?

    Lastly, I would consider looking at something on teh road system, especially if my health is not doing great. Any ideas on good areas from Anch, to McCarthy, up to fairbanks? I guess the road system is not bad if it is in the sticks....Gold near by would be great!

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    You might check out the Tok area even though it is on the road system. Land is cheap, lots of easy to obtain firewood, and the way the community is laid out it feels a lot more remote than it actually is if you live in the core area. The state has been conducting land auctions in the area and more are planned in the future. There is also lots of options for living in areas not in the core area for an even more remote feeling.

    Lots of people have gold claims up the Taylor highway in the 40-mile country. There is not much land for sale up that way as most of it is public owned (native, BLM, or state).

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    Default You can:

    Buy land throught the Over the Counter Land Sales right now (only 1160 parcels iin the Northern and South Central areas
    They do not have anything near McGrath but there is a McGrath homesite in the town that is coming up for sealed bid auction next month.

    You CANNOT establish a mining claim, build a cabin and live there. A mining claim is JUST a lease to extract the locatable minerals. I can hunt fish camp pick berries, relax, etc on a state mining claim as long as I do not hamper the miners operation. Yoiu can have a temporary structure on the claim (i.e. wall tent, travel trailer, etc) as long as it can be moved within 48 hours. You will also have to move the structure when you are not actiivally mining. (back to the you have no rights to the land issue) So if you are leaving your claim for a few weeks the building goes with you.

    Staking Requirements

    Buildings on Mining Claims

    You can build on a Annual Placer mine but that is a different animal from a mining claim. Annual Placers (APMA) requires large bonds, and reclamation of the land.

    To stake a mining claim you will have to make a discovery, post the 4 corners, brush the lines, then Go into one of the Public Information Centers, or Recorders offices, pay the first years rent and record the mining location notice. You cannot paper stake in the State of Alaska.

    Check witht eh DNR Public INformation Center March 16th to see if the new brochures are available. or 907 269-8400

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    I don't believe you have to brush the line's anymore, just put the marker's in the coner's.

    The reason I know this, is the newest way they are doing it now is that they drop the marker's from a chopper, and put them in a GPS.

    The Big company's started this and it is legal.

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    Forget the mining lease idea, you'll need to buy your land. Land on the road system can be quite good and secluded, my land near Manley Hot Springs certainly is.


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