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Thread: Building or Refurbishing a supercub

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    Default Building or Refurbishing a supercub

    Just want to get your thoughts on building a new one from kit, or reburshing one. Looking at prices for a nice refurbished are running over $100K. Also wondering about experience of running into problems, people are telling me theres a good selection and availability of parts here in Alaska...your thoughts?

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    Default Todays Market

    In today's market you can get some real nice cubs for 100K. Two and a half years ago my buddy was offered 135K for his cub, a month ago he just sold it for 95K. I know were this is a wrecked cub with a mid time engine and a newly covered fusealuge for 27K. For another 60K including rebuilding the motor and fixing a wing and landing gear, you could have practically a brand new new cub for 87 to 90K in 6 or 7 months. Or you could do go the experimental kit and in 5 or 6 year and 60K later have a nice cub, that wont hold its value. I say either build a wrecked one or buy one that already have all the mod's you want(alot of mod's the FAA wont approve anymore) cause it will be cheaper and you will be in the air faster.


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    Default beater

    Get a beater with a good motor so you won't feel so bad when you ding a wing or throw rocks through the tailfeathers. I haven't made a hunting season in about 10 without patching tailfeathers, but maybe this is my lucky year.

    Seriously, I wouln't build a kit unless you have alot of experience building (and alot of free time) and you don't plan to sell for about ever. You can almost always get your money back in a few years with a certified A/C if you don't make a terrible purchase. I have built up a few airplanes and you are almost always better off just buying a flying aircraft BTW.
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