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Thread: True subsistence hunt.........foiled by technology!

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    Default True subsistence hunt.........foiled by technology!

    This thread is for Ak. sagebrush and fullfurl........!
    presidents day was super nice here. Shoulda went out and got another Oz, as the sig. other had a tag to fill. But the kid stuff took precedent. So me and the other just did a short subsistence ptarmigan hunt.
    Jumped on the traditional snogos, they been around for 50 years or so. Slid the customary shotgun into the scabbard. Took our traditional cameras ( they been around for 100 yrs or so). Since this hunt was gonna be fairly close to town, I had a cell phone too, you know, just in case the kid got into trouble or something.
    Just west of town is a brushy river. Moose, fox, reindeer, and of course the ptarmigan can be found there. Also beaver, otter, mink.
    Hadn't got far along the river and there's some birds. 2 shots and 2 birds. Yeeha! But then the missing started and the flock flew off. Spent a good 15 minutes busting brush and glassing. Had just crossed the river and taken up a glassing spot when..............ring ring. My cell phone went off. Dang...........there goes my subsistence hunt. Can't be traditional if your using the cell. it was the g/f calling. She had been enjoying the scenery while I crossed the river. She wanted to know the best route to my spot. She's still not all that comfortable with this snogo hunting/trapping stuff. I told her to follow my trail and get over to me. Here's a pic of her after crossing the river:

    She was driving my brand new machine. Well, long story short............we drove around for a half hour looking for more birds. As we got closer to some houses near the Teller road, we found more birds. Despite my poor shooting, I got 5 more. Here's what it looked like in front of me when I decided to quit shooting:

    I was planning to breast the birds and sell them on the taxidermy site. Didn't want too many until I had tested the market. Here's me, the hunter:

    The market wasn't too bad, need to get more actually. Here's the 7 birds before cutting:

    On top of the money I made selling, we had a dang good breast strogenof, or whatever she called it. She's a good cook.
    Maybe if I get out tomorrow, it will be a more "true subsistence" hunt. I'll even leave a few diseased ones out there maybe.
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    Ahhhhh yes, cell phones.....also a new tradition in my family as well MT, one we hope extends far and beyond.I still carry the popular VHF so I can call "Them" further than 5 miles from town.

    Well there ya go, Mankind advances.

    Short being calling in a beam up or setting the phazer option on Stun, them little phone can truley do alotta stuff......that I have no use for......

    Have fun hunting, eating and may you make profit too!
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    Default ....

    hahaha...ah yes, the technology of it all!!

    First off, glad to see you're a bad shot too.

    Secondly, you're still as ugly as ever.

    Thirdly, nice new machine. You get a "shift" or?

    Them birds are some good eatting!! I went out the other day...lots of shooting, not so great results. Stupid technological scope was off....
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    Good post I enjoyed reading it.

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    Default great post

    next time keep the phone off to save the battery for emergency, since g/f will know to fallow the tracks

    most excellent


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