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Thread: NRa Indoor Pistol Sectional Match FEB 27

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    Default NRa Indoor Pistol Sectional Match FEB 27

    Hello Bullseye Shooters,

    Attached are the results from last weekend's indoor approved match. Congratulations to match winner Ron Fleischhacker, with his winning score of 2598 - 92X!

    Our next match is the Sectional match, and will take place next Saturday, February 27 at the MVS indoor range in Palmer. This is only a 90 round .22 caliber match, shot at 50 feet. We will shoot this match in two relays, and attempt to use the turning targets. The match fee is $45, and all shooters will receive a bulletin showing all scores from everyone who shot this match nation wide.

    Hope to see you there.

    Andrea Tesch []

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