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Thread: 06 m7 bogging?

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    Default 06 m7 bogging?

    My m7 is bogging in the bad I could hardly get up hill this past weekend. I THINK the belt is fine, doesnt look bad, dont have specs but I'm going to mic it against a new one.

    Any other idears? I've googled this and found a bunch of interesting things, but so far nothing firm.


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    My sons sled was doing that last year. 1st we replaced the cables and then figured out that the exhaust can was coming apart inside & clogged

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    interesting, I'll have to look at it! The guy I bought them from called (he's still a pretty good friend of mine) and said he had the same problem. AC told him to try cleaning the exhaust valves. I took them apart tonight and cleaned them we'll see how that goes. Gonna change out the belt, it's a little worn but really should still be in good shape. Am thinking about rebuilding the clutch too.

    Another bud has the same sled, said northern power told him to disconnect the kill switch. I havent tried that or even thought of it.....kinda figured it was either on or off with that?!?! Guess it could be telling the computer to go to safe mode and slow down, who knows, he said it worked great for him.

    Mine just starts bogging in the heavy deep stuff off the trail. Something definatly aint right!

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    Some machines will bog in deep snow from the muffler getting blocked by the snow.
    There is a piece to put on before the muffler to make a pocket for exhaust to escape.
    Also check you air inlets to see if any snow is getting in.

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    I'll keep an eye on the exhaust. The two times I've experienced it was in the warmer temps last apr and then again at summit last sat, when we FINALLY found some powder to play in.

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    100% guaranteed to be the snow blocking the exhaust.

    Buy a piece of aluminum scrap from anywhere, about 0.065" or thereabouts, you will be making a small plow about 3" wide by 1.5" tall, so the piece should be 3"x3".

    Get under your machine and measure how wide the can opening is, this is where the exhaust comes out. Make your aluminum about 1" wider than this.

    Mark your piece so when you bend the 90* angle, you have about 1.5" standing, and 1.5" flat on the bellypan of the machine.

    Now drill three holes in the part that will be on the bellypan, and rivet or bolt it to the pan, directly in front of the exhaust. The idea is to make a furrow in the snow so your exhaust has somewhere to go. Your bogging will be gone.

    You can go here to see one:

    I recommend the sheet aluminum instead of the angle as it allows for bending if you hit something or hard crusty snow, the aluminum bends before ripping out your pan.
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    Thanks Nitro, we'll be working on it this weekend...I'll definatly add this of things to do to the list!

    It'll be a little bit before I can get out and tear stuff up again but I'll post what we did and if it works or not. So far I have cleaned the exhaust valves. I'll add the exhaust cover this weekend.

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    Default Another thought....

    I am having the same issue w/a 700 Polaris SKS. Ran great on the trail, jump off in the powder and it would bog badly. On a Polaris there is a set of "buttons" in the secondary clutch that keep the helix from riding on the aluminum. I had these replaced a week ago, ($8.00 at Eagle River) as they suspected it was not downshifting when I jumped into the powder.
    I also have added a cleaner to the tank hoping I might clean up the carbs as this machine has 3500 miles on it. I also cleaned up the VES slides.
    With that said, I ran last week but didn't have the opportunity to get into any powder and confirm or deny the results of the above mentioned "tips". However, it seemed to run and idle much better when I ran to the cabin and back pulling freight.
    Just another thought for ya.
    Nitroman-Thanks for the tip about the exhaust blockage. I'll have to look into that if the above fixes don't work. Initially I thought I was starving for air or getting vapor under the cowling and into the air filter as I dove off into the powder but your idea makes sense.

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    Definatly not a blocked exhaust problem, M7's dont have that problem thats why the exhaust outlet is up in the A-arm cavity not on the belly pan. More than likely snow injestion behind the headlights.

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    Thats what I was thinkin Loomis, about the exhaust outlet, +1 for thats prolly not the problem. Like Loomis said check the screens on the cowling on either side of the headlights to make sure they are not damaged. If the air box is stock this could be the prob, if aftermarket, then throw it away and replace with the stock air box set up. Do you have the fuel regulater update? if not get it, and for sure rebuild the clutches, or just replace them with new. If it is only boggin in the powder I would think the muffler is fine.


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