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Thread: Looking for new base camp...

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    Default Looking for new base camp...

    Due to an unexpected "change" in my domestic situation, I'm thinking I need to find a place to stay/rent during my annual July/Aug trip to the Kenai Peninsula.

    I really like the Sterling area as that's where I've done most of my red fishing and know the river somewhat; also looking for a riverboat to use/rent to access the cutbanks above Bing's, been doing that for a number of years now and really like that stretch of river.

    Does anyone know of an outfit or place they would recommend? My trip is not yet set in stone but I'm generally up there the last 2 weeks of July. Wouldn't mind a B&B or whatever if there's a boat available. Probably be myself & a buddy.

    Any help or recommendations will be appreciated,

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    You might want to PM AlaskaCanoe, his place is in Sterling. Max has a nice operation, from tent sites to fully furnished cabins (power and elec), my Wife and I stayed in one of his cabins last winter and it was a palace compared to many of the "rentals" you see offered up. I know he has a few boats in addition to his canoes and rafts. A real skookum guy and a pleasure to chew the fat with.


    Are you still headed out to the Shumagins? Looks like I'll be hitting the 1st run before heading to the rivers and the clients.....

    The coffee was awesome, and was a shame to see the last beans hit the grinder. Thanks much.
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    Yeah, I'll give Max a shout, didn't consider that Hippie! Thanks Jim

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    you are welcome to camp at our place anytime you want, too.
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    Default Thanks Dave!

    You're okay, I don't care what they say! I can bunk out with your girlfriend (you know the gal who accompanied us on the boat last July!).


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