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Thread: Eureka?

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    Default Eureka?

    Just wondering how it is in Eureka right now?

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    Default Not bad considering

    Had a good ride at Eureka today. Plenty of powder, just not very deep. Still there were miles and miles of untracked snow. Watch out for stumps and brush. Quite a few people in the parking lots, but didn't see many out riding in the same area as us. Sunny and warm. A great day, but not great for the snow. Didn't notice any overflow or any water opening up. A few more days like we've been having and this area could get crappy real fast.

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    Default Eureka's decent

    Spent yesterday in Eureka. Rode about 25 miles back up past monument area. Same report as above, not alot of snow but still plenty to cruise around on. Didn't see any bunnies or birds but lots of moose.
    Temps in the mid twenties and lots of sunshine. Saw two other riders taking a break up by monument in the afternoon.
    I'd recommend a ride up there if you get a chance.


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