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Thread: summit today and sled problem ?

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    Default summit today and sled problem ?

    No real change...still no snow. Some riding up front by the monument south of the road though still plenty of brush.

    We went quite a ways behind the tit to find anything...found some pockets.

    Also tagged a rock and destroyed my right front suspension. Bent shock, broke some welds on the A arm right side, steering is jacked up, sled was running like crap (06 m7, lack of power...not sure what this one is....kinda dogs out from time to time to the point I couldnt get up some gently ROLLING hills....I dont do much in the way of serious hill climb stuff, any help here would be appreciated. Seemed the harder I stayed on it, the more it would bog down to the point I stopped for fear of seriously blowing something up. Idles fine when you get off it, no power what so ever in powder. Act drive bearing seizing up maybe?

    We were WAAAAY back when we finally found some nice riding, as we limped back to the cabin, ugg! Came home early to try and get'r fixed.

    Just thought I'd pass the report along......

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    bummer, no idea what it might be...hope you can get it fixed without too much chasing


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