I want to get out and fly over this amazing state and see what's out there.

The bad economy has hit us all pretty hard. Every where I go, I see planes for sale or sitting there not flying because people just don't have the money to fly for pleasure anymore.

I would like to learn what it takes to fly in the winter here in Alaska. How to properly clear snow from the wings and pre-heat the engine. How to taxi, take off, and land on skis.

I don't have the money for my own plane, but I would be willing to do all the work and pay for 1/2 of the gas for anyone who has a plane and just wants to go flying.

I also see planes for sale with messages like, "The darn FAA took my medical so now I can't fly and I have to sell." I can't offer to buy your plane, but what I can offer is to split the cost of flying with you to make the flight legal.

I have my private SEL with tailwheel endorsements and just over 100hrs. I live in Anchorage and my offer is open to anyone who's interested. Leave me a note here and let's go flying...