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    Hi guys
    newbie here first post not sure if this is the right spot but here is my question.

    This coming late summer some friends from Sweden will be visiting and have asked about hunting and sports fishing opertunity.
    I understand that they can not hunt any big game without a guide. What about small game like foxes, squirls and such and ducks and ptarmigans?
    Also can they fish for halibut or salmon without a guide?

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    Welcome to the forum, fishguts. Not sure if there is a non-res Alien small-game license or not. Can't seem to find one on the ADFG site. Below is what I found listed. Don't think your Swedish friends need a guide for fishing.
    Nonresident Sport License (Alien):

    Nonresident 1 Day Sport Fishing License** $20.00
    Nonresident 3 Day Sport Fishing License** $35.00
    Nonresident 7 Day Sport Fishing License** $55.00
    Nonresident 14 Day Sport Fishing License** $80.00
    Nonresident Annual Sport Fishing License**$145.00
    Nonresident Annual Yukon Territory Reciprocal Sport Fishing License**$24.00
    Nonresident Alien Hunting $300.00
    Nonresident Duplicate License $5.00


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