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Thread: 30.06 ackley improved yeah or neah

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    Default 30.06 ackley improved yeah or neah

    Looking for opinions about the 30.06 ackley improved versus standard 06 I'm contemplating buying a custom ultra light rifle chambered 06 ackley improved and want some insight before I jump on the grenade.

    Thanks, Big 27
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    I asked this question a few months ago, and the general consensus was no...

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    Big difference between the two questions... One is talking about a new rifle/chambering job, the other a rechamber. It costs as much to have an AI chamber as a plain... Especially in new barrels.

    I like AI...

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    Default 06 ai

    I have had a bunch of AI's over the years. Some get noticable velocity gains and some are not worth the effort. I do not like the 40 degree shoulders however and switched to the Gibbs concept a lot of years ago.

    Noticable gain over the standard 06 line of cartridges. Zero feeding problems. However if the plan is to shoot factory ammo then I would just stick with the 06 or something else.


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    I like the idea but the reason you want it to shoot faster is so that it will shoot flater. A 100 fps is not that much. Save your money for a target scope.

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    Not a lot of gain in the 06, but will cut down on case trimming. Re sale is less so you as a buyer may have a little leverage. Does it include dies? I like the Ackley Imp. In certain cartridges, like 250 AI, 257 Roberts AI, 375 AI cartridges with a lot of taper seem to get the most improvment.

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    If you can get the rifle with dies for a good price then sure. It will have a slight edge over a std 06. I would never spend the money to rechamber an 06 to an AI as the performance gain is slight and the dies are expensive. But a used rifle in good shape with dies at a good price, sure, why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG 27 View Post
    I'm contemplating buying a custom ultra light rifle chambered 06 ackley improved and want some insight before I jump on the grenade.

    Thanks, Big 27
    For a custom build I could fall either way on this. There's lots of nostalgia in the AI rounds, and that's plenty for me with or without any significant velocity gains. Hey, I shoot 7x57's rather than 7-08's for example! And my favorite 30 cals are a 300 Savage and a 30-40 Krag!

    But if velocity was my real aim in a custom lightweight, I'd probably go for something like a 300 WSM rather than an 06, AI'ed or not.

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    I have owned many AI chambered rifles and at least a half dozen in 30-06 AI. The biggest reason for doing it is to say you did and to may be get another 100 fps yet still use factory ammo when needed. I have one now barreled by Shilen on an FN Mauser action. It is 24" and shoots with gusto and is extremely accurate. I've shot several three and five shot groups of one inch at 300, yes 300, yards. It was chambered with a Manson reamer made to very exact, but original Ackley specs, not a rechamber. It is a fluke by any measure, but it is a superb rifle. 180 grain bullets hit 2950 ish and Hornady standard 30-06, 180 grain light mag fired in the AI chamber hits 2900 fps. It is just a fast barrel. It is the only 30-06 AI I've ever fired that gives such good velocity. It is just a fluke, and I love it. Your mileage will most likely be less exciting with an AI 30-06, but you could get lucky.
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