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Thread: Whittier CG Aux vs Anchorage CG Aux flotillas

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    Default Whittier CG Aux vs Anchorage CG Aux flotillas

    My coworker (who happens to be the current Anchorage flotilla commander) has been trying to recruit me for the Anchorage flotilla for a year and a half.

    He says that the Anchorage flotilla has about 45 people in it, he's also said that the Whittier flotilla has about 120 people in it.

    Any idea why the Whittier membership is so much larger? I'll be joining, but since 99% of my boating is out of Whittier I'm leaning towards the Whittier flotilla (which might be the reason its so much larger).
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    Is usually right. I'm betting that your are correct. People would likely want to "floatilla" where they "float". But like you, I'm only guessing. Eventhough there's a lot of boater's on the lower Penninsula who boat the Inlet.
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    I used to be a member of the Eagle River Flotilla. Both the Anchorage and Whittier Flotilla are based in Anchorage as you probably know. They both address similar issues and I would guess that many of the Anchorage Flotilla folks boat in Whittier too. I would recommend attending a meeting or two at both Flotillas before you join either. It is really a matter of where you feel the most comfortable. They all work together really.


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