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Thread: Trophy Mounts for Army building

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    Default Trophy Mounts for Army building

    Here is an intresting Qustion for anyone out there.... Does anyone have or know anyone willing to donate some nice size trophy mounts to be put on display in the United States Army Reserve Center Located on Fort Richardson? We have a few already but would really like to decorate it more with an eve more Alaskan theme.
    Here is what we have so far:
    Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Bison, Caribou.

    We would love to have some Alaskan fish, Moose, Sheep, Goat, Brown Bear, Alaskan deer, Or maybe even some birds native to Alaska.

    Pleasee send me a PM here or call me on my Cell phone if you have any ideas.

    SFC David Golden

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    Default Sorry, pm is not working for me today.

    I will lone one of my goats out. Someone would need to pick it up and take it down. Send me a email if interested and we can talk.
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    Default Caribou pedestal mount

    I may be willing to donate a caribou mount that I recently finished, My 14 y/o took it last Sept..I would require that its' in a clean secure place..

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    Default Try fish and game

    I ran across this application. This may be a way for your agency to get Alaskan mounts from fish and game. Good luck.

    The following text is a copy of what is posted online above the application.

    Live capture and possession of game may be authorized for valid educational purposes under the terms of an education or exhibition permit. In addition, ADF&G will donate hides and skulls for public display and educational purposes. Education and exhibition permits are issued to agencies and nonprofit organizations only; these permits are not issued to individuals.



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