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    Default New Hunter, New Dogs

    I have some new lab pups (6 months & 4 Months) I Love to hunt but wasn't raised in a hunting family. All hunting is new to me (except whitetails). I would like to hook-up with someone who likes to hunt small-game humt around Anchorage.

    I have two young labs who would love to learn hunting skills and I would too.. Anyone interested please let me know I would love to learn about hunting in th AK. Would split gas bills in my new truck or split more in anyone elses rig. let me know very serious hunter,

    Curiuos Hunter,

    AK Fox

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    For starters, try looking up your local retriever clubs (Retriever Club of Alaska, and Alaska Working Retriever Club). They can help you get your dogs off on the right foot, and you may meet a person or two that could help with the AK hunting side of it as well. I believe they offer some winter training classes that would be good for you young pups (and you).

    Good luck!

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    If you go to google and type in lab training video ,there are thousands of good training tapes for dogs. The first and most important thing is to make sure your dogs are obediant, if they do not obay your commands it just makes it much harder. Working your dogs with a well trained dog or two is the fastest way to get your dogs on the right track. As mentioned a good gun club is a great place to start.
    And you made a great choice with labs. There is a reason they are the most popular dog in america. And they handle Alaska cold very well.
    I got my black lab about two years ago from the Fairbanks animal shelter. He has turned out to be a great dog. If he had his way he would hunt rabbits, grouse, squirrels and waterfoul every day all day. I never taught him a thing about hunting. He just wants to hunt.


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    Hey there . I saw your post.
    Welcome to Alaska.
    Frenchy is right. There are several different retriever clubs in the Anchorage and Fairbanks area.
    Anchorage: Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association(NAHRA)
    Retriever Club of Alaska(AKC)
    Alaska Working Retriever Club(AKC)
    Fairbanks Retriever Club(AKC)
    Arctic Bird Dog Association(HRC)

    All these clubs hold sanctioned hunt test and field trials if you are interested.
    I support all these clubs and am a member or a board representative.
    Club training events are organized during the first of the year. So now is a great time to get involved.
    I myself train retrievers professionally. So I am quite involved in training and club activities. Hunting for upland and waterfowl up here is phenomenal. You just need to know where to go and when. I'd love to hook up with you.

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    Default Wildrose Kennels

    Just a thought about dog training, you might invest a few bucks and buy Mike Stewart's video about training labs. Mike is the owner of Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, MS. Amoung his credits, he owns and has trained "Drake" the Ducks Unlimited mascot. He has an exceptional way with gun dogs and his training video is well worth the price. Google Wildrose Kennels or Wildrose Trading Company for more information. When the dogs get a year or two of hunting under their belts, repost and I'd be glad to take you out.


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    One of the best books ever writen is water dog by Richard Walters. Every time I get a new dog I end up buying a another book becuase I lost the last one. I have a eight mth pup have him doing doubles and handling going to force fetch in he turns a year. This will be the 4 dog Ive trained. What are your days off. I have Wed Thur Fri. Chris. PS I love to hunt ducks.


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