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Thread: Rem. 700 SPS Buckmaster "young Bucks" OP

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    Hello All,

    Looking for your opinion on the Rem. 700 SPS Buckmaster "young Bucks" compact 20" BRL in a 243. My ten yr. old has a year and a half to hunt big game. 243 is the min. size cal. to hunt Deer and Elk in CO. I am also considering a full size 243 but since I have four kids I figure I can get more use out of the Youth size. Any op. good or bad would help. Thanks for the info.

    I don't post much on this site but I have looked at it for years now and I can't believe how much I learned from you guys. Thank you and keep it up. Thanks Brice.

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    My son loves his sps 700 youth .243. There is no better way to start out a child than with a gun that fits him.

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    I bought my kids a rem700adl 243 and they shoot well with it, they killed several deer with it this season.It is a tack driver out to 150yrds maybe longer we just have not shot out past 150.I like it too,took a nice nine point with that little rifle.With the right bullet and good shot placement the 243 is deadly.I think any rem model 700 youth rifle would be a good choice for a kid.7mm08 and 308 in my opinion are also good youth calibers my oldest daughter 12 shoots a NEF in 7mm08 with no problems,not sure if Remington offers a 7mm08 in any of their short rifles other than the model seven which I am on the lookout for one


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