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Thread: Fishing on Chena Hot Springs Rd

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    Default Fishing on Chena Hot Springs Rd

    I'm looking to go fishing on the upper Chena this summer via Chena Hot Springs Rd. From what I've read, Grayling are a pretty good catch here.

    Where is a good place to go along the road and what type of lures should I use?


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    if you fly fish, get some griffths gnats size 16, some elk hair caddis, olive green 16's, and maybe a couple light cahills. That's all you need for the upper chena and a long rod.

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    Do you reccomend the east fork of the Chena?

    Thanks for the tips on flies.


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    Matt, doesnt really matter.

    Grayling are a migratory fish much like salmon. They come from the lower river, or tannana and head up all the forks to spawn. The farther you can get up ANY fork the better the fishing you're going to see and the bigger the fish. They hold over in the upper sections for the summer and move back down sometime in the fall depending on water levels and temps.

    The north fork is the easiest as it follows the road forever. I've floated one of the other forks and a buddy has floated another and we've seen some impressive fish in those other drainages. Figures they're hardly getting fished unlike the north fork.

    Anyway you look at it you'll have fun. If you can't find fish, move! Watch the water clarity and you'll be set.

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    TradBow thanks for the info. Ill start at the end Chena Hot Springs RD and work my way back towards Fairbanks.


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    Depending on when you start, you might want to work your way UP. Come the middle to end of june you should be able to find them all throughout. By 4th of july go UPSTREAM in most instances of each fork and you'll find better fishing!!! And don't be suprised if you can't see the fish. The water's crystal clear though they'll hide in the rocks on many occasions.

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    ive canoed the south fork of the chena a few different times and have always had great luck with the grayling... they tend to be alot bigger than the ones ive caught on the piledriver, or even on the north fork... theres alot to be said for accessability

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    if you fly fish use tangle lake teasers, and stimulators, if you don't use a casting bubble and flies. To catch grayling learn to fly fish!
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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