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    Willing to buy someone lunch and or a beer. Used to go to Chitina and dipnet when you could drive to Haley Creek and make a mini vacation out of it. Haven't been back since. Didn't have a jet boat and we always used Zodiak's on the lower part. Finally got around to purchasing a jet and would like to sit down with someone willing to help me negoiate the canyon, current boat launch situation and shoot the bull. Have been thru the canyon a few times but has been at least 15 years ago. Not looking for your hotspot, I know where to fish allready. Just looking for some help.

    Ken Perkins

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    Hello Ken,
    Where are you located? I have been down there in a jet for the last several years and could answer a few questions.

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    Default just a note

    I have been using the charters for years. This is a dangerous river! If you have a jet it should have at least no less than a 90 on it . I saw a guy a couple of years ago almost die because he his motor quit. His only saving grace is someone with a boat saw him before he hit the rocks. I have not personally put a boat down the canyon, but I have seen some little underpowered boats trying to make it back up. This river can go up in feet in a matter of hours and I have seen trees floating down. If your motor dies you have little or not time!!! If you fall in you will die!! period!! this river is fast and cold and silty! Again I am trying to detour you but you better know what your doing!!!!

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    Been working that river for 30+ years. Scary yes, but not that bad. Been thru with a zodiak & 35 horse and have seen skidoo jet boats at Haley Creek. Crazy what you'll see downstream. If it was all that bad no one would be running it.

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    Default 4 wheeling

    i dipped at haley maybe 5 years ago, had to take wheeler back to hailey creek.

    a friend of mine from squarebanks i believe still was able to wheeler into hailey last year i believe.

    i know your boating so i don't imagine this info will help you, but it is still an opition i believe.

    be safe on that river!


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